Patriarchy?! Like misogyny and stuff…??

Male domination is the end of female liberation!

So you stumbled upon my blog where I take an in-your-face approach to a wide variety of subjects.  I am prepared to bitch and share the love about my ideas on patriarchy, feminism, beauty ideals, relational/communication issues, sex in the media, ethical sluttery/bitchiness, queer and trans issues, monogamy/polyamory, racism in this society and others, classism and capitalism, consensual sex, sizism and fat-phobia, pornography, sexism, sexual assault, domestic violence and more!

I’m a self-proclaimed feminist. A bitch [in a good way]. I work at a domestic violence shelter. I enjoy making art out of the everyday. My heart is in activism. I believe in DIY culture. I like learning new things. I am anti-oppression. I’m an American Jew with a dream of helping people and promoting good messages. I want to embrace any opportunity to inspire others or become inspired by someone/something.

I love bicycles, punk rock shows, thrift shops, road trips and rainbows. And the sushi train always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

I believe that the personal is political. So I write about politics or “issues” from a personal standpoint. From experience. It’s better to speak for yourself and it’s less dry than say a research paper. This does not mean I wont be taking material from other sources or people. It’s important to engage in dialogue with many people instead of a more limited spectrum of thoughts. I like hearing what other people have to say and I welcome any ideas, criticisms, comments or questions.

Love is in you. Love is in the resistance. Fight the power.


4 responses to “Patriarchy?! Like misogyny and stuff…??

  1. Hello! I foresee myself as an avid reader of your blog in the future. I completely agree with your view on patriarchy. Oh and I also do love me some punk rock shows. =) Take care and you bitch all you want. I will enjoy it.

    • Hello lucky star! Thank you for your lovely comments and praise. Feel free to write as much as you want also, I love to hear people’s opinions on these subjects. Where are you from? I’m living in a small town in Oregon where not many people can comprehend what it means to believe in radical feminism. But I lived in Portland, OR for 5 years and got deeply involved in an activist scene up there, was an eye-opening and educational experience for real! I had the academic piece (sociology and womens studies and queer studies and lots of good comm/english classes were really rad for learning about oppression and society) and the activist/let’s do something for our community experience. I work at a domestic violence shelter so every week I’m coming up with so many thoughts about patriarchy, hierarchies of oppression and our society. Good stuff. Looking forward to bitching for ya, and any comments you have are encouraged!! 🙂 Take care. -Kayla

  2. Wow that all sounds so exciting!! What part of Oregon are you living in now? My husband is from Medford OR but we both live in Hawaii right now since he is in the Marine Corps and stationed out here. I bet working at a DV shelter is so rewarding, Im currently trying to get into a shelter out here but its hard to get my foot in the door since in Hawaii they seem to be more hush on locations. But I hope to find something soon. Ive been putting out a lot of applications. I have a BA degree in sociology and took a lot of gender studies classes, criminology, psychology, etc. This is definitely the area I want to spend my life in as far as careers go and just learning and getting to help people. My blog is actually about DV and my experience with it. My father is an alcoholic and battered my mother for a few years, and Im starting to open up anonymously so that I may eventually find some peace. Anyway, I love what you are doing here!!

  3. HandsomeOlderLustyBlackLad

    Let me see…I’m Hollwood leading man handsome…EVEN AT 57-fifty-eight
    July 6.My IQ is between 147 and 160-GENIUS LEVEL,FOLKS!!!In ’77,around the time Elvis passed away,I was tested for a pre-university
    program,since I wished to attend college and had suffered two nervous breakdowns which had prevented my matriculating directly after high
    So,of course,in this “black authenticity”/”keepin’ it real”/thug-life era of al-
    leged “African American/African/Canadian (I’m a life-long Windsor,Ont.,Can. resident) folkways,I’m to sujugate MY NATURAL ADVANTAGES by speaking unintelligibly,dressing and behaving like the 19th-century “Zip Coon” black criminal minstrel man gangsta rappers LOVE TO EMULATE???(to say nothing of proving I’m a “true brutha” by dating a DISGUSTINGLY FAT,FRIGIND,FUGLY,B***HY,GHETTO-BE-
    HAVING BLACK WOMAN!!!) NO FREAKIN’ WAY,JOSE!!!(And we wonder why,while educated,affluent blacks sprint for the ‘burbs-sub AND
    EX-theslime-ball black “mis-leaders” and their lemming-like “sheeple”
    followers,plus their hip-hop mogul and crooked clergy financiers/”religi-
    LOOT,are pushing victimization and authentic blackness to under-class
    males,who see the above mountebanks,NOT the successful as role models,thus endangering blacks as a group and Canada-U.S. as nations?

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