Sell Sell Sell! Advertising sells us concepts of who we should be and how we should look.

“Killing us softly” is a documentary talking about the horrific sexual objectification and unrealistic beauty standards that can be viewed in media advertisements everywhere. Images of women being tied up, silenced, beaten. Images of women who are sickly thin. It makes me think about all of the young women who are suffering from eating disorders, and that these advertisements are playing a role to encourage this sort of behavior. All of the ads degrading women. Simplifying us down to an ass and pair of tits. Mindless creatures to be looked upon but never heard. This is truly infuriating.

Yeah, it’s a bit dated but still drives in a good point.


3 responses to “Sell Sell Sell! Advertising sells us concepts of who we should be and how we should look.

  1. this idea is perpetuated in the media, through advertisements, movies, television shows… even shows that our generations children is glued on every single day. sickening…
    ive attending many seminars on this topic and each time it is truly heart wrenching to see those who struggle with eating disorders and self mutilation.

  2. Yeah, how interesting that it’s never pointed out how often ad’s use and objectify men as equally. OH right… it’s different when men are used, abused, and objectified.

    • No I agree with you, men are objectified in media as well, but i believe it doesn’t affect them as negatively as it affects women… young girls are starving themselves constantly to look like the media definition of beauty… not as common in men… however I agree that men deal with this as well.. Would you care to shed more light on this? if not, thats ok and thanks for your comment.

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