Feminist vinyl decals for sale – made by moi :)

Hey y’all. I made these HOT PINK radical feminist/love and empowerment (the female symbol with a rise-up fist and a heart) vinyl decal stickers and they’re waiting to be shipped out to you!!

radical feminism and love

They go onto any flat surface (windows, furniture, etc) and dont leave a gooey residue.

Check ’em out on my shop on etsy.com!!


10 responses to “Feminist vinyl decals for sale – made by moi :)

  1. Hi I absolutely love the radical feminist heart symbol and wondered if you designed it? If so I would like to ask for your permission to use it for a tattoo I am designing for myself. I wanted a symbol that represents my feelings of being a strong women entering a male dominated career as a psychologist and this is just perfect! If you didn’t design it yourself, could you let me know where you got it from as I don’t want to have it tattooed without permission from the designer!
    Thank you,

    Bex 🙂

  2. I would like to buy. =) Looks like your shop is empty.

  3. Hi! Did you design this? I’m considering tattooing it on my forearm. 🙂

  4. Sadly I do not currently have any more decals in stock but will hopefully get some made soon! I can let you know once that happens.
    And I did not come up with this symbol, it’s a pretty old and well-known symbol in the radical feminist movement… however this is a unique vectorized design. .. feel free to use it I dont see why not.. I did 😉

  5. Hi, could you let me know who the desinger of the image is? I would like to get in contact with them.

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