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“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.”



Taking over my mind, body, soul is stress. I don’t have to let it but yet there it is an I have yet to do something to change this fact.
I’m back in school after completing my bachelors 4 years ago. I’m getting certified in Digital Graphic Design, which means I’m learning the Adobe programs and a crapload of nonsense, I mean, information about computers.
Eventually I’d like to design websites.. or maybe my direction will change.
Right now all I can think about is all this stress in my neck and lower back. It’s finals week and I’m at work right now. I have A LOT to do and I’m avoiding it at the moment.

I want to get inspired.
I want to do things and be around people that make me feel good.
I want to regenerate my life and I’m excited for a new leaf to turn once I finish my schooling in July 2012.
Hopefully I will be able to move to a city (Portland, San Francisco?) so I can feel like I’m more alive. This whole small town thang is crampin’ my style. I love Ashland, I love the beauty, but there is beauty everywhere and I will find it.

So stress.
It is here and it will be here, but how I manage it must change and fast.

I’m thinking after finals I will take Frankie (my dad’s lil Pug) on some long walks through Lithia Park. I will cook some delicious food. Drink a lot of tea. Go to the gym with lady friends. Do some yoga. Watch some Dexter. And just relax for while.